The Amazon Vanilla Project

We are an Eco-conscious vanilla company working with a rare variety of vanilla called Vanilla Pompona.  We invest our profits back into the local community and we work closely with local indigenous groups. The Awajun people are a crucial part of the local ecosystem – an integral part of the Amazon. They are known among naturalists for their sophisticated knowledge of rainforest plant medicine, flora and fauna.

However the Awajun have faced many setbacks in recent years. Formerly, they grew cacao as a cash crop. But this cacao has recently been rejected for the export market due to its high cadmium content. (Cadmium is present in small amounts in the soil and tends to concentrate within the seeds of the cacao plant.) Vanilla pompona having its roots above soil represents an excellent alternative cash crop.

This plant can be grown sustainably, in a low-impact way. It can allow them to operate commercially without cutting down trees and despoiling the natural rainforest environment upon which we all depend. These orchid vines take up little space, are shade tolerant, do not deplete soil fertility and do not require harmful chemicals to grow. They are a natural part of the ecosystem that can be managed to provide a much-needed income for vulnerable indigenous groups.

Commercialising this native orchid could give the means to fight back against illegal logging, the expansion of rice fields and the encroachment of non-sustainable agriculture.

we consider ourselves part of this community too. This is not just our business, but also our home.

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